Feb 01

RV12 build Schedule

Here is a preliminary spreadsheet for the chronological order for the RV12 build.

We will be looking over the hangar 6 location Thursday  2/4 to locate the best fit for the processes to follow.

RV 12 Build Schedule for EAA Chapter 690
Activity Time Required Start Date Exp. Comp. Actual Total Hrs. for Task
Meet @ Hangar 6 to plan location of various location
of parts storage, assembly 1-2hrs 4-Feb 4-Feb

1. Prepare Area for part storage & Assembly.
Labeling parts drawers & bins
12-18 hours by Feb 10 By Feb 12
This includes using current shelving & obtaining small parts drawer
cabinets/bins for rivets/nuts/bolts etc.

2. Inventory tail kit & begin storing parts on shelves & in bins
4-6 hours by Feb 10 10-Feb

3. Obtain tables for assembly either build or purchase
2-4 hrs by Feb 5 by Feb 10

4. Start construction of tailcone assembly
By Feb 15 By Feb 28

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