Feb 05

1st session

We are meeting in Hangar 6 @ 1PM Saturday 2/6/16 to start preparing the area for parts storage so we can then begin inventory of the tail cone kit. We had an excellent turnout Thursday for the dinner & meeting of over 20 members. A great start to our next project.
Ron Childress & I are going to be building an assembly table in the next week or two and anyone who would like to contribute storage drawers, or other items just bring them Saturday so we can label them for parts storage. Duane Huff mentioned there are some shelves in the hangar but need legs to support them. Ron & I along with any other folks will come up with a plan to use these. See all who can attend. I’m really enthusiastic about getting started & hope to keep the excitement going.
Here are the websites for Vans Aircraft: vansaircraft.com & the builders site Vans Air Force: vansairforce.net

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