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Jan 19

Work Continues on the RV-12

Work on the finishing kit is continuing on the RV-12 down in hangar #6.  It won’t be long now and the gear will go into place ad it will truly look like an airplane.  We still need donations so we can order the avionics soon and continue the progress. Pictures below of recent work.

Dec 27

RV-12 – Progress Continues

Steady progress has continued this month on the RV-12.  The finishing kit is coming along. Lots of wire has been put in and labeled and control parts and pieces are being installed.  Soon the wings will be ready to go on for good.  As the project moves forward we are reaching a point that we …

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Jul 19

Wings Are Taking Shape!

Progress is being made on the wing kit.  The lights are being installed and covering will soon begin. The finishing kit is due to be crated on September 11th and should arrive soon after that.

May 30

Updates through May 2017

Its been awhile since we have updated the site & we have finished the fuselage through the installation of the tail cone, seats, instrument panel with a matte black finish on the panel & glare shield. The wing kit arrived several weeks ago and progress on the spars is well underway. The finishing kit has …

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Nov 05

update on build hours to Nov 3rd 2016

We have just about finished the fuselage and need to continue on the wing kit as soon as we have the funds available. Activity Time Required Start Date Exp. Comp. Actual Total Hrs.forTask 39.11-6 step 8 11-08 step 11 11-08 steps 1-7 inventory fuselage kit 12.5 5/17/2016 12.5 40.11-05 step4 10 5/19/2016 10.0 41.11-08 step9-11 …

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Sep 21

Update on RV12

Well, we are moving right along on the fuselage. over the past several weeks we have completed the lower firewall mounting, the seat hinge attached to the center section, the side skins on the center section, and various bits and pieces. Last night we assembled the roll bar and started fitting to the fuselage attach …

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Aug 25

The Work Continues

Looks like a group got together today to continue work on the Fuselage.

Aug 16

RV-12 Financial Update

The fuselage for the RV-12 is moving along quite well and it will not be long before we are ready to order the wing kit.  We conceived this idea of building the RV-12 last November and the empennage kit was shipped the latter part of January.  In less than eight months we have made significant …

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Aug 16

Time For An Update

It’s been awhile since we posted any pictures of the progress on the RV-12.  

Aug 04

RV12 hours update August 4th 2016

39.11-6 step 8 11-08 step 11 11-08 steps 1-7 inventory fuselage kit 12.5 5/17/2016 12.5 40.11-05 step4 10 5/19/2016 10.0 41.11-08 step9-11 12-01 step1 10.1 5/21/2016 10.0 42.12-02 -04 step 3 11.5 5/24/2016 11.5 43.inventory continued of fuselage 20-02 rivet nut plates 6 5/26/2016 6.0 44.remake several errors on tail section.Tailcone Inspection 7 5/31/2016 7.0 …

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