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Jan 30

Super Bowl Party!!

Let’s Have A Super Bowl Party!! The SuperBowl is this Sunday, February 5th and you may have heard that the Atlanta Falcons will be taking part in the game.  We have proven that we can get the game in the hangar using our 70 inch display.  We will host a Super Bowl party Sunday.  We …

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Jan 11

Update hours on RV12 —

102.pg27-04 steps 1-5 19 11/8/2016 19.0 103.pg28-03 to 28-05 step 3 8 11/10/2016 8.0 104.pg28-05-06 steps 5 & 7 10 11/15/2016 10.0 105.pg28-06 step7 pg29-02 step 2 9 11/17/2016 9.0 106.pg29A-steps3-5 & deburr panels 4.5 11/22/2016 4.5 107.clean hangar 2 12/6/2016 2.0 108.deburr map box components 7.5 12/8/2016 7.5 109.1201.8 box pg29A-02 steps 3-9 pg9A …

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Oct 24

Update on Build 10-24-2016

We are finishing up the metal work for the fuselage. We are getting the interior ready to paint and then install rudder pedals, brake system & rudder cables along with the torque tube for the stabilator. We still need to raise more funds for the purchase of the wing kit.

Mar 05

Update on progress 3/5/2016

Latest build hours & processes: Date Hrs. 6. Pg 06-03 06-04, 06-05, spar cap, spar, and 2/20/2016 35 associated parts of Vertical Stabilizer match drill, deburr, prime skeleton parts 2/25/2016 22 7. 06-06, 06-07 complete assembly of vert. stab. 2/26/2016 Cleco, rivet skeleton. skeleton complete. rivet skin to skeleton 3/3/2016 22.8 Total hours 75.8

Feb 22

2/20 Saturday work session

Gordon Fowlkes, Jerry Fischer, Jaimie Painter worked on the RV12 vertical stabilizer match drilling the stiffeners and riveting them. Progress continues

Feb 08

Session 2 Work on project

Jerry completed inventory of hardware and labeled parts bin. Brian repaired cover; reinstalled switch cover on drill press Gordon started the fabrication of the wedge tools. More tools needed for the project: wiring additional quad box for work bench, 1/8 in (copper) clecoes, 3/32 (silver) clecoes. cordless drills, tool box (rollaround preferable)

Feb 06

Kit is on the shelf

Today we had quite a group moving various items to make room for our new RV12 tail kit. We accomplished an inventory of all except the hardware which I will be doing this weekend. we accomplished a lot but still need to continue to organize our storage & work apace. Anyone heading to LZU on …

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Feb 05

1st session

We are meeting in Hangar 6 @ 1PM Saturday 2/6/16 to start preparing the area for parts storage so we can then begin inventory of the tail cone kit. We had an excellent turnout Thursday for the dinner & meeting of over 20 members. A great start to our next project. Ron Childress & I …

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Feb 01

RV12 build Schedule

Here is a preliminary spreadsheet for the chronological order for the RV12 build. We will be looking over the hangar 6 location Thursday  2/4 to locate the best fit for the processes to follow. RV 12 Build Schedule for EAA Chapter 690 Activity Time Required Start Date Exp. Comp. Actual Total Hrs. for Task Meet …

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Jan 27

Empennage Arrival and Kick-off Meeting

Our empannage kit will be delivered tomorrow, Thursday January 28th and transported to Hangar #6 on Friday.  We will have a kick-off meeting next Thursday, February 4th at the chapter hangar @ 7:00pm.  A group of us will be meeting for dinner at Sophia’s Italian Restaurant at 5:30pm for dinner.

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